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        Rock-hewn churches, dramatic and imposing mountain plateaus and surprising wildlife


        On Ethiopia trips you're sure to have a unique and exciting experience. Surrounded by mountains, the country has developed a religion, calendar and language all of its own, and there's a simply amazing landscape.

        The Simien Mountains are arguably the most spectacular mountain range in Africa and are an excellent place for a trekking holiday. The famed historic route is a well-trodden route for visitors on Ethipoia tours, including Lalibela with its 13th-century rock-hewn churches; Bahir Dar with the nearby Tississat Falls (also known as Blue Nile Falls) and Lake Tana; Gondar with its medieval castle; and Axum, the alleged resting place of the Ark of the Covenant. In the east is Harar, which is considered the fourth most holy city by muslims.

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        19 reviews

        Journey along Ethiopia's magnificent northern circuit, including Tigrai.

        Suitable for:
        Age 16+
        Activity level:
        Leisurely / Moderate
        13 Days from $3,979 USD
        Guided (Incl. Taxes)
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        Experience the best of Ethiopia’s wild parks and historic highlands accompanied by your knowledgeable AWF guide.

        Suitable for:
        Age 16+
        Activity level:
        11 Days from $11,599 USD
        Guided (Incl. Taxes)
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        "Throngs of white-clad festival-goers sleepily make their way to the holy baptismal pool. As the early morning sun starts to warm the crowds, the feeling of anticipation is palpable. Children climb trees to get good views and adults jostle for space. The priests and deacons arrive, their blue velvet robes and yellow capes throwing a splash of colour amidst the sea of white. They line up on the water’s edge and start chanting, swaying and clapping their hands. It is bewitching. The ceremony climaxes as the head priest dips an ornate gold cross into the pool blessing the waters. Right on cue, dozens of boys jump into the holy water, symbolising Jesus being baptised in the River Jordan."

        Exodus Expert Tom Harari

        Overall, it was an interesting and very enjoyable experience. Our guide, Yitbarek, was very well...

        Rosemary Sampson, 2020 Ethiopia in Depth

        Ethiopia is not like any other African country. It is Orthodox Christian by choice not...

        John Gilligan, 2020 Ethiopia in Depth
        Ethiopia map


        Make 2020 the year when you step off the tourist trails and leap into a world of culture adventures. Cultural travel