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        Tallinn, Estonia


        This Baltic beauty is famous for its fairytale rooftop cities and peaceful countryside


        Few tourists venture to Estonia, an undeniable part of the appeal of this pleasant Baltic state. Here there are stunning cities, whose fairytale appearance belie their vibrant nature; stunning national parks containing windswept beaches, hushed pine forests and glistening lakes; and a fascinating historical and cultural mix that binds its Soviet past with ancient mythology and a delightfully quiet pastoral setting.

        It’s a joy to cycle on its winding – and remarkably flat – back roads, and wonderful to walk within its fantastically varied countryside, exploring incredible architecture and picturesque castles perched atop hills as you go. And then there’s cross-country skiing through slow-clad forests, for Estonia holidays are essential for winter-activity seekers.

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        39 reviews

        Visit three countries in twelve days, through Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

        Suitable for:
        Age 16+
        Activity level:
        Guided (Incl. Taxes)
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        69 reviews

        Cycle through three countries from Estonia to Lithuania

        Suitable for:
        Age 16+
        Activity level:
        Leisurely / Moderate
        11 Days from $2,349 USD
        Guided (Incl. Taxes)
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        Tallinn: The stepping-off point for most people is Tallinn, with its captivating UNESCO-listed old town. Framed by old city walls, and completely free from modern buildings, this is a must on Estonia tours and you can leave modern life behind as you explore the cobblestone alleys with spluttering torches and secret stairways. There’s a surprise around every corner: look out for Toompea Castle, the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, the Dome Church and St Nicholas' Church.

        Lahemaa National Park: Meaning the 'land of bays', Lahemaa National Park takes in 725 sq km of untouched sandy beaches, waterfalls, cascades and mossy pine forests. Its a haven for wildlife, with 222 types of bird here and 50 mammal species, including brown bear, lynx and wolf. The park offers a variety of cultural sights such as Palmse Manor and the pretty 400-year-old fisherman’s village of Altja.

        Tartu: Home to the prestigious 17th-century University of Tartu, Estonia's second city has a rich cultural offering and a youthful buzz, thanks to the students who make up one-seventh of its population. Visit the café-filled main square for excellent people watching, or explore the city's winding streets and admire the omnipresent street art. Don’t miss the ruined Tartu Cathedral, in hilltop Toomemägi Park, which has two restored towers with viewing platforms.

        A gastronomical experience on 2 wheels. Every day had a culinary surprise including grilled...

        Stephen Gilmore, 2019 Cycle the Baltics

        This was an excellent trip with excellent trip manager Jolita and good local guides. Very hectic...

        Benjamin Alan Teece, 2019 Discover the Baltics
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