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        Baku skyline, Azerbaijan



        Azerbaijan – the Land of Fire – is one of Europe's least-visited countries. Sitting at the crossroads of Asia and Europe for almost two millennia, it's welcomed merchants and travellers from both continents as they travelled the ancient Silk Road

        The capital, Baku, expanded dramatically after the creation of the first oil wells in 1846 and has been an oil-rich boom town ever since. As a result, the city is now an eclectic mix of grand mansions, brutal Soviet-era architecture and gleaming new skyscrapers – and a fascinating place to explore on one of our Azerbaijan tours. And, unlike so many other oil-rich nations, the country is keen to maintain its cultural heritage, with the 12th-century Old Town being made a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000. Outside the capital, Azerbaijan trips journey through a land of green valleys, soaring mountains and semi-arid desert.

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        Why not extend your trip? Experience one of the world least visited destinations. 

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        A breathtakingly scenic mountainous region separating the Black and Caspian Seas

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